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Combust UK Big Burn Fire Show at Barefoot Festival 2017

Combust UK Big Burn Fire Show

If you're new to Barefoot Festival™ then oh my do we have a treat for you... this show is full to the brim with Fire! It's big, hot and steamy!

The Combust UK crew always put on a fabulous show, dancing to their ritualistic beats they will show you how it's done!

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Performing at the Combust UK Big Burn Fire Show...

Pete Brash at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

The Fire Starter, Twisted Fire Starter! - The fire god himself, Pete Brash, will not only be making sure everything runs safely and smoothly throughout the big burn show, but he will also be returning to his fire roots and spinning with his fellow Combust comrades this year. Watch our fire god as he once again becomes at one with nature and harnesses the magical power of fire!

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Emma Bagshaw at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Emma Bagshaw - The stunningly talented beautiful Emma Bagshaw will be performing with her mesmerising fire hoop at this years Barefoot Festival's Big Burn Fire Show. As one of the longest running members of Combust UK she has performed in shows all over the country enticing audiences everywhere she goes.

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Lyndsay Hooper at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Lyndsay 'Hula Hooping' Hooper - Lyndsay is a midlands based professional Hula Hooping addict. After being inspired by the mesmerizing flow of the hoop, she has spent the last 6 years absorbing everything she can find on the art of Hula Hooping, from tricks to glow and fire.

"I love everything about hooping, seeing a move, the challenge of learning it, the elation of nailing that trick, how my mind and body feel after a hooping session and the bliss from being able to flow from one move seamlessly into another - it's just incredible."

Lyndsay is driven by her natural curiosity to push the boundaries of hooping and is influenced by other modern and dynamic hopers such as Caterina Sutton, Gail O'Brien and Beth Lavinder, to name just a few.

If you fancy your very own handmade Hooper Hoops Hula Hoop why not get your order in before the festival and she will happily deliver it right to your tent over the weekend, visit her Facebook page for more information.

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Vic Rupsin at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Vic Ruspin - Roll Up, Roll Up, come run away with the circus! Watch the ancient art of Poi from the master Vic Ruspin from Poietry in Motion.

Poietry in Motion sell unique home made cherry stone sock poi - environmentally friendly made from recycled materials and clean/sterilised cherry stones.

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